St Patrick’s Football Club (SPFC) was established in 2001. In the first 10 years of the club’s existence we entered the NSW Churches Association, in which we played our home games at Powell’s Creek Reserve in Concord West.

The Club wore Black and Blue, the same as the College in which it was founded after. However in 2016 our Super League Squad began to wear the traditional ‘All black’ strip such as the First XI.

In 2012, the Club the moved to the Gladesville Hornsby Football Association in which we have four teams who currently play, which are: Over 35’s, All Age, Super League First Grade and Super League Second Grade.

Our Club was founded on mate ship and camaraderie and we will continue to do so well into the Future.

The club encourages all Old Boys of the College to participate at SPFC with the idea of growing the number of players and teams we have at the club.

For more information, please fill free to contact Mark Liberatore 0414 553 199 or Nick de Lutiis 0410 322 522 to discuss! Even Old Boys who don’t want to play but would rather support the Club in a coaching or sponsorship capacity, are encouraged to get involved.